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Pledge of Allegiance



1) No on SB179 – Abortion Bill Essentially Legalizes Home Abortions Back to the “Back Alley” Message: Please vote No on SB179 which makes home abortions essentially legal. The sponsors say they want to protect women yet this bill leaves women vulnerable in many ways including removing the prohibition against coercion when we know more than half of women are coerced. Please include an amendment for women to be informed about free sonograms before getting an abortion so the women will truly have the facts before having an abortion. (Or write your own message). Contact Assembly Health and Human Services Committee: Democrats:,,,,,,, Republicans:,, Robin.Titus@asm.state. Share your opinion on Legislative Bills:

2) No on SB319 – Gives psychologists and social workers unprecedented authority to treat children without parental consent. HEARING: Thursday, May 9, 1:30 pm, Carson City, Senate Education Committee, Rm 3138. But voting doesn’t take place for a number of days, so don’t hesitate to weigh in on this issue. MESSAGE: Please oppose SB319 giving school psychologists and social workers the authority to collect and analyze data on the mental and behavioral health of pupils and to give invasive assessments on the mental and behavioral health of pupils without ever contacting the parents. It authorizes school psychologists without notifying parents to treat their children. This undermines parental authority and alienates parents when they should be involved. This bill also jeopardizes family and student privacy. (or write your own message) CONTACT:,,,,,,,,,, Share your opinion on Legislative Bills:

3) YES on AB113 – Removes the unfair firearms transfer tax. This already passed the Assembly and was heard in the Senate Committee Tuesday, 5/7. It will be voted on several days from now, so still, write and call. MESSAGE: Please support AB113 as a matter of fairness. All Nevada businesses should be treated in an equitable manner based on the income and not because they are regulated by a federal requirement. Nevada FFLs are charged gross sales tax for firearms they did not own, nor derive any retail sales income from. They are just transferring the firearm to the person who bought it from an out of state dealer. (or write your own message) CONTACT:,,,, Share your opinion on Legislative Bills

4) No on AB186 – National popular vote, which would do away with the electoral college in our state (can you say President Hillary Clinton?). This has passed the Assembly and is sitting in a Senate Committee, having been heard, but no vote yet. Share your opinion on Legislative Bills

5) NO on AB479 – basically criminalizing ownership of exotic animals. There have been no incidents regarding exotic animals, but there are those who are trying to sell it as a public safety issue. This is being promoted by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) – not affiliated with our local no-kill Humane Society. This is a national push and the HSUS does not meet with or work with any stakeholders anywhere and their testimony in hearings is often lies. This passed the Assembly easily (super-majority) and is in a Senate committee. There are 2 undecided Senators who need to hear from you: Dallas Harris – Chris Brooks –
If they can be urged to vote against this government over-reach bill, it will not pass out of committee and will die. For more info, please contact John Potash,, 775-250-7625.

6) THIS JUST IN! NO ON SB538 – This is Gov Sisolak’s Bill to create an Office of New Americans to help illegal aliens with workforce training, quality of life, education, housing, and health care. State resources should not be used to lobby governmental agencies on behalf of illegal aliens. Nevadans first! Governor Steve Sisolak: Carson 775-684-5670, Las Vegas 702-486-2500 Email the Governor: CONTACT Senate Government Affairs:,,, Republicans:, Senators Phone numbers: Chair David Parks; 775-684-6504 Melanie Scheible 775-684-1421 Julie Ratti: 775-684-1433 Ben Kieckhefer 775-684-1450 Pete Goicoechea 775-684-1447


Discussion: Speaking of gun control, did anyone hear of the 13-year old South Carolina boy who shot and killed an intruder into his house when he was home alone? If you didn’t hear about it, it is because the press doesn’t cover that kind of story.

Ray Rocha – talked about the GOP Picnic on June 22. There will be Chicken Street Tacos, Chorizo, Chips, Dips, Salad, Great Dessert, Water, Sodas, and $3 Beer. There is a large grassy field for games, close to restrooms and drawings for prizes. Lazy 5 Regional Park, the Sugar Loaf (covered) Pavilion, off Pyramid Hwy, 4 miles N of McCarran, turn east into the Spanish Springs Library and it’s behind that facility. The event is FREE, but please RSVP so we have enough food.

John Eppolito – who could not be there today, but wanted me to mention two key issues with Washoe County Schools, which is the ONLY school district in the state to: 1) Take the position that parents can NOT opt their children out of sharing personal data with the “free” EdTech vendors, which are only free because of the data they collect and can sell to Heaven knows who (see more below); 2) Attempt to approve a radical form of SHARE (sex ed) (see more below)

1) Data-mining – WCSD was able to ‘gut’ SB403, which would have required school districts to educate parents on the dangers of sharing data with Ed Tech vendors and the bill would have allowed parents to decided if or when their children would participate in data sharing. The next WCSD meeting will be Tuesday, May 14, 5:00 pm at North Valleys High School, 1470 E.
Golden Valley Rd, specifically requested to be after workday hours by our beloved WCSD Trustee Andrew Caudill, so working parents could attend.

2) Sex education – WCSD is attempting to adopt what POWER2PARENT (P2P) calls the most radical version of sexual education (SHARE) in the state of Nevada. Read what the Nevada Family Alliance has to say about the proposed SHARE curriculum: P2P will be traveling from Las Vegas to attend WCSD’s school board meeting when SHARE will be discussed: May 28th, 2 PM, 925 E. 9th St. Reno. Please join us. P2P has asked if anyone in the Reno area would like to host a meeting about the proposed SHARE curriculum between May 28th – 30th. If you are interested please contact me and I’ll connect you with them.

Vin Keenan – passed out information on US Government issues. He suggested we contact the President, Congressman Amodei, and AG William Barr to thank him for his courage and state your support for his continuing the investigation of criminal conduct by the Clinton Foundation, DNC, FBI, DOJ, State Dept, intelligence community, and the Obama Executive Office. Click HERE.

It was also mentioned that John Solomon, writer for The Hill, and Sara Carter, investigative journalist, continue to peel back the onion of corruption. Fascinating reading:

In addition to the article linked here, you can go to and search for John Solomon and find all his articles. Sara Carter also has great articles on her website:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has also been a powerful force leading the charge into the investigations of corruption. It was suggested by one attendee to give a little financial love (donate) to for all their efforts in the face of adversity.

Gary Duarte – There is a sub-committee on energy and water to whom Gary sent a 27-page report about bringing the NV grassroots public into consideration for approval of Yucca Mtn. He handed out a sheet with the phone numbers for the 17 sub-committee members for us to call and let them know we want them to look at the USNEF (US Nuclear Energy Foundation, Gary’s non-profit) viable proposal for public education on Yucca. Click HERE for the phone numbers of the 17 committee members. The proposal contains a spreadsheet with $1.6M to be spent on TV, radio, print Yucca public education. Some asked for the full 27-pg report and proposal, so here it is:

At the last meeting on April 24, we had with us Dr. Peter Shaw, a nuclear scientist, whom Gary arranged to get here from Idaho National Laboratories. He was entertaining and talked in a language we could all understand. He was also on the 1/2 hr weekend news magazine, Face the State (KTVN, channel 2). Here is the link to that broadcast:

If you would like to see the full 52-min presentation to CTL, Gary video’d it and it can be found here:

Jeanne Herman – Commissioner Herman heard on the radio today the term “condescending arrogance” and liked it so much, she will have to adopt it for future use. She needs help in two areas:

1) Sanctuary 2nd Amendment. She has tried to pass a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary bill for Washoe County, but it doesn’t seem to get any traction with her fellow commissioners. She feels the public commenting on it would go a long way.

2) Lemmon Valley flooded in 2017 and FEMA and Dept of the Interior got involved and put up Hesko flood barriers, designed for short-term help, but cannot be left there indefinitely (2+ years now). But a more permanent solution is needed. It would cost about $15M to build a reservoir and pump 4′ of water from the lake to that reservoir and it would be there in perpetuity. FEMA and the Dept of Interior would still be involved and Commissioner Herman thought it wouldn’t cost us anything. For some reason, unknown to us, the other commissioners are balking and need some prodding from the public.

Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the month (May 28), 10:00 am. Please show up and speak out in Public Comment and let the commissioners know your thoughts.

Russ Gordon – Across the country, fallen police officers are memorialized in ceremonies. We don’t know if anything is going on here in Reno, but our Reno Arch will be blue for the month of May.

Russ reminded us that when we see anyone in a law enforcement uniform, we should thank them for their service. It just takes a moment and yet it means so much to those who serve us, day in and day out.

Pat Kroll mentioned that she acquired business-card sized cards to hand to anyone wearing a badge (police, sheriff, firemen) thanking them for their service. And there’s another card like it for the military. These cards are at

Honor Flight Pancake Breakfast – Monday, Memorial Day, May 27, west parking lot of the Atlantis. All proceeds benefit Honor Flight Nevada. $5 and hopefully, we will have tickets to sell at our next meeting.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 22, same time, same place.

As always, if you want to reach me, please do NOT reply to this email, as I don’t get to Outlook very often. Instead, my preferred address is, which is checked every day, several times a day.


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