Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) – April 14, 2021 – SUMMARY

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Conservative Talk Lunch
April 14, 2021
Mark Your Calendars

Daily & Weekly
*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell Show, with Ross Mitchell and Ryan, also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) Dan Mason Show. Also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 noon, 99.1 FM (KKFT), Monica Jaye Show. Call in 775-884-9910.
*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link,
*    Every Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm, CEO Business Mind on 1180 AM with Joe Morabito and re-broadcast on weekends. Follow Joe’s blog,
*    Every Sunday, 5pm, Chewy & Jugs, 3635 Kings Row (NW corner of Kings Row & McCarran). Conservative Dinner.
Coming Soon
*  Thur, Apr 15, 4:00pm, Engine 8 Urban Winery, 1260 Avenue of the Oaks in Victorian Square, Sparks. Fundraiser for Kristopher Dahir, Sparks City Councilman running for Secretary of State.
*  Sat, Apr 17, 10:00-2:00pm, Capitol Bldg, Carson City, Protest Human Trafficking. Show up with enthusiasm, signs and flags.
*  Tue, Apr 20, doors open at 11, Atlantis, Republican Men’s Club (RMC). Program: Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam.  $25/members; $30/non-members & walk-ins. RSVP: or
*  Fri, Apr 23, 9:00-11:00, Vassar Cordone Non-Profit Bldg, 1301 Cordone. Republican Women of Reno (RWR) Brigade Workshop. $10 includes breakfast. We are in a WAR and we are doing battle. Please join us!  RSVP:
*  Wed, Apr 28, 11:00am for food, 11:45-1:15 meeting.. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $16.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.
*  Thur, Apr 29, 7:00pm, Spirit-filled Church, 3175 Goldy Way, Sparks. Republican Women of Reno (RWR) sponsors Sheriff Richard Mack, Constitutional Sheriff from Arizona who fought for the 2nd Amendment and Constitutional personal rights in SCOTUS and won! $20/per person. RSVP: 
*  Tue, May 4, 6:00pm, Location TBA, Washoe County Republican Assembly (WCRA) monthly meeting.
*  Sat, May 8. 5:30pm, Renaissance Hotel, 1st & Lake Streets. Washoe County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. Program:  Captain Sam Brown talks about his experiences (bad and good) in Iraq and how his life is in the aftermath.  $200/per person. RSVP at or call 775-827-1900.
*  Wed, May 12, 11:00am for food, 11:45-1:15 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $16.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.
*  Thur, May 13, 11:00 doors open, Red Hawk Gold Club, Republican Women of Reno (RWR) meeting. Program:  TBA.
*  Fri, May 14, 4:30-6:00 pm, GOP Headquarters, 3652 S. Virginia, Ste C-9. Republican 2nd Friday Cocktail Social. Free. Come socialize with like-mindeds.

Pledge of Allegiance
1) Republican Women of Reno (RWR) is holding its first event on the Speakers Bureau.  Sheriff Richard Mack, who fought for the 2nd Amendment in Arizona a few years back and took the fight to SCOTUS and won!  He will be on hand Thursday, April 29, 7:00-8:30pm at the Spirit-filled Church, 3175 Goldy Way in Sparks. Tickets are $20. Please go to to register; it’s going to be a sold-out event.

2) Protest Human Trafficking, Saturday, April 17, 10am-2pm, Nevada State Capitol Complex

3) Bruce Parks heads up the Legislative Brigade, which is comprised of a team of activists writing in and calling in to the Legislature to express pleasure & displeasure with some legislation. Bruce needs help!!! Please consider signing up to help Bruce. He can guide you on what bills to protest or cheer and he can help you get online to do that without leaving your living room. Bruce can be reached at 775-404-2112 or

4) Sandra Linares of Freedom Rings Firearms Training Academy is holding many classes on all kinds of weapons training, from Basic Pistol to Range Safety Officer to shotgun to Concealed Carry training. Specializing in training for women, but men enjoy the classes as well, Sandra believes now is the time to prepare for whatever eventuality could befall us. See the array of classes at or call Sandra at 775-741-7000.


Jeff Church – only Conservative voice on the School Board, which has become a dictatorship under Board President Dr. Angela Taylor.  After a lot of us went to the Board meeting on March 23, the Board can no longer take the pressure and has stopped all in-person meetings, with the unfounded claim that we “stormed” the meeting. There was a press conference last week and Bruce Parks, Cindy Martinez and Nicol Herris were locked out, as the press conference was “by invitation only”. Jeff cannot add items to the Agenda and cannot speak unless the item is on the Agenda already.  Good people are needed to run for School Board. Up in 2022 are districts in the North County, Sparks and East of Virginia. Andrew Caudill, Ellen Minetto and one other Trustee are up for reelection.

The ABCs of Saving Our Schools:
A. We need good folks to run in 2022, with an eye to improving the quality of education.
B. Concerned citizens should weigh in at and it will go to all Board members.
C. Donate to a legal fund. Even though Joey Gilbert is donating his time and talents to sue the School Board, $$ is needed to get the word out, print flyers, have a website, do a county-wide mailer, have a brochure, maybe a billboard. Stay tuned for where to make those donations.
Ken Koeppe introduced Jennifer Wallis, who has said she will run for School Board. She is fit and rarin’ to go, with lots of energy, which will be needed to run.
Lynn Chapman – The deadline for bills to have passed out of Committee was last Friday, April 9. Many died thankfully, but many also passed that we must fight.  Here are a few to speak out against:

SB258 – Transgender prisoners will be relocated to the women’s prison section.
SB292 – Straight ticket balloting. Click one box for either Republican, Democrat or any other party and all candidates in that party will be marked. 11 states have tried it and repealed it. This doesn’t any voting for non-partisan races or ballot issues.
SB395 – increases property tax by removing 3% cap.
SJR11 – Treaty that is pro-abortion, anti-motherhood, anti-American. This is going forward.
AB234AB285AB293 – Pertaining to lotteries for charities
AB321 – makes the emergency measures passed in the Special Session last summer (ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots for all, etc) permanent.
AB395 – abolishes the death penalty
AJR10 – raises the minimum wage to $12 unless Feds raise it higher
SB286 – violates 2nd Amendment
AB351 – Assisted suicide, which has more to do with insurance companies that trying to ease pain and suffering
SJR8 – Equal Rights Amendment which is anything but equal to white, heterosexual girls

Very easy to Share your Opinion:

Now, some GOOD NEWS:

Nevada Families for Freedom
State Affiliate of Eagle Forum, 46th Anniversary
186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, 775-397-6859, Sparks 775-356-0105
Janine Hansen,
April 13, 2021, In the Year of Our Lord
When you forward please delete bottom portion which says unsubscribe or someone will unsubscribe for you. Thank you for your acknowledgement.  PRAY for the LEGISLATURE!
Nevada Legislative Report April 14, 2021
April 9, 2021 was the Legislative deadline which requires all bills, (with the exceptions of those which are resolutions, Constitutional Amendments, budget bills, bills with money attached or exempt bills), to have passed out of the first committee. That means that many of the original 1142 bills are dead! The next deadline is April 20th when all of the bills that passed Committee must pass the entire Senate or Assembly depending on where they started. I am anticipating that because of the Democrat majority that almost all bills that passed the committees will pass the whole Assembly or Senate. Then they go to the other house and are assigned to committee. The Legislature ends May 31, 2021. Keep Praying!

Many Thanks goes to Lynn Chapman, our state Vice President for her countless hours of reading bills, research and important testimonies on many bills.

AB=Assembly Bills, SB=Senate Bills, AJR= Assembly Joint Resolution,
SJR=Senate Joint Resolution

Good News!

SB2 would have repealed the good provision from last session that required High School Students to pass at least 50% of the questions on the Citizenship test for new immigrants. This portion of the bill was deleted, so the test remains.
SB10 would raise property taxes on single family homes and commercial property putting all at the 3% or 8% ca, is DEAD!!! That shows the power of the people! 20 people testified against it and many sent in their objections. Opinions on Legislative Website: 293 opposed, 2 in favor.
SB11 Increases Government Services Tax (Car Registration) in Reno or Sparks. Current law allows Washoe County to impose a supplemental Government Services Tax of 1 cent on each $1 valuation of a vehicle based in the County which they have not implemented. SB11 means if your vehicle is worth $12,000 that your increased tax would be $120 annually. If your vehicle is worth $25,000 your tax increase would be $250 annually. DEAD
SB73 Tax Increases City of Reno. This bill allows the City of Reno to establish a committee to recommend the increase of taxes including transient lodging, supplemental government services tax (car registration), transfer tax on real property, sales taxes, and property taxes. When the committee recommends the tax increases, they then go on the General Election Ballot in 2022. If they pass on the ballot, the City of Reno must impose the taxes. It allows the taxes to be used (or for the reallocation of current taxes) for capital projects and ongoing operation cost for parks and recreation facilities and related services in Reno, the preservation of open space, protection of the Truckee River and payment of principal and interest on bonds for such purposes. DEAD
SB102 insures all children will be 5 years old instead of 4 when they start kindergarten. Children do much better when they are a little older when they start school. Passed Committee.
SB134 Made you an automatic organ/tissue donor unless you pro-actively Opt Out” when you get or renew your driver’s license. DEAD.
SB143 Sensible Parenting: allows parents to make decisions about their parenting and the ability to give their children the opportunity to play outdoors with other children, walk to school or stay home alone if they are mature enough, without fear of being charged with neglect. Passed Committee.
SB300 Expansion Office of New Americans (illegal immigrants) designed to interfere with enforcement of immigration laws moving towards a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Facilitating the integration and inclusion of illegal immigrants in this State, requiring their access to taxpayer funded services & programs not be limited. Secured “rights and privileges” for illegal immigrants. Must not exclude or limit an immigrant’s access to any service, program, right or privilege. DEAD
SB301 Makes all ballots mail-in and does nothing to clean up the voter rolls or to stop ballot harvesting. Settelmeyer’s bill. DEAD. HoweverFrierson’s AB321 does all these things.
SB335 We were specifically concerned with this bill because of its possible negative effect on homeopathy. Those concerns appear to be resolved. The bill is a consolidation of many Boards and Commissions which we did not oppose. Passed Committee.
SJR 3 Urges Congress to provide funding to reduce the wild horse and burro population to appropriate management levels. Today in Nevada the Management areas are 300% over the appropriate levels with 50,000 free-roaming horses and burros. This over population impacts the ecosystem health and habitat, forage and water resources which imperils the health and well-being of wildlife, livestock, vegetation and the wild horses and burros themselves. Passed Committee.
AB99 lowers threshold for prevailing wage for colleges and universities to make repairs from $100,000 to $2,000. Immense cost to taxpayers. The average prevailing wage is 64% higher than the usual union wage. DEAD
AB255 Appoints 3 of 7 School Board members in Clark and Washoe Counties. Dead
AB340 The Legislative Commission to appoint a committee to study the number of regulations which would cost taxpayers & those subject to the regulations more than $10,000,000. Passed Committee.
AB356 Surveys on Sexual Misconduct in the Schools setting up a whole legal system within the schools…investigators, judge, jury and executioner for students who “violate” their perverted standards. It was a violation of the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment which prohibits invasive surveys on beliefs of the student or student’s parent; 1. Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; 2. Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family; 3. Sex behavior or attitudes; 4. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior; 5. Critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships;
6. Legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as with lawyers, doctors, or ministers; 7. Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; or
8. Income, other than as required by law to determine program eligibility. DEAD
AJR7 National Infrastructure Bank This would create jobs without the U.S. Govt. borrowing money or using tax dollars. This is a creative way to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure & help revive the economy like Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt did. Passed Assembly.

Very easy to Share your Opinion:

 We depend on your individual free will gifts! Thank you!
You can help Nevada Families for Freedom by contributing online:
Please make checks payable to Nevada Families, not tax deductible, 186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, NV 89801

Tracey Thomas – Tracey has been a poll-worker in Washoe County under 3 Registrars of Voters. She saw many anomalies during the election of last November. If you wish to watch the County Commission meeting in its entirety, go here:  At 53:20, Tracey Thomas asked the Commissioners some salient questions about dead voters and verification of voters’ citizenship status. Click HERE for those questions.  At 2:10:00, Registrar of Voters Deanna Spikula begins her presentation. At 3:00:00, Commissioner Hartung is dumb-founded at the lack of any real way to determine if a voter is a citizen or not. Citizenship is absolutely a criteria for determining identity, according to NRS 293.485. Also Same-day Voter Registration (voter can register and vote on the same day) is illegal per to NRS 293.517 and 293.535.  Tracey believes this is able to be litigated and won and is looking at communicating with Joey Gilbert to get some ideas on how to proceed.

Furthermore, the County Clerk is obligated to not allow voting privileges until identity is proven. NRS 293.505 says a Field Registrar shall not knowingly accept a person as a voter without proof of eligibility to vote (including citizenship).

This is a document Tracey sent to me about a Peter Navarro research that was delivered to Congress prior to January 6, but ignored. This is the Nevada chart of irregularities in the Nov 3, 2020 election.  Click HERE for that document.

Commissioner Jeanne Herman – she is so thankful for everything we are all doing to deal with irregularities in elections. Her heart is full of gratitude for us. She really appreciates us for showing up at Commission meeting.

Gary Duarte – US Nuclear Energy Foundation – USNEF.  The Feds would like to send 70K metric tons of spent nuclear rods to be stored at Yucca Mtn.  Used part of the spent rods is about 6%. 94% of the rod is still useable and can be reprocessed. $14Trillion is at stake here.

Cindy Martinez – co-shares the leadership of the County Commission Brigade and the effort to urge the Commission to removing Washoe County from Public Health Emergency status.  Gov Sis’ Directive 041 authorizes Counties to determine their own opening up schedule. The next County Commission meeting is April 20, 9:30am and we need to email and make phone calls to continue to urge the opening of our county without restrictions or masks. To contact all Commissioners with one phone call:  775-328-2005. To contact each individual Commissioner:

Chairman Bob Lucey

Vice Chair Vaughn Hartung

Commissioner Alexis Hill
775-328-2011 / 775-447-3017 (Cell)

Commissioner Kitty Jung

Commissioner Jeanne Herman


Next Meeting – Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 11:00am for food, 11:45-1:15 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke.


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