Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL ) – Dec 9, 2020 – Summary

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Conservative Talk Lunch
December 9, 2020

Mark Your Calendars

Daily & Weekly
*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell and Mason Show, with Ross Mitchell and Dan Mason, also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 8:00-9:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) Dan Mason Show. Also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 noon, 99.1 FM (KKFT), Monica Jaye Show. Call in 775-884-9910.
*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link,
*    Every Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm, CEO Business Mind on 1180 AM with Joe Morabito and re-broadcast on weekends. Follow Joe’s blog,
*    Every Sunday, 5pm, Chewy & Jugs, 3635 Kings Row (NW corner of Kings Row & McCarran). Conservative Dinner.  NEW EVENT!
Coming Soon

*       Thur, Dec 10, 11:00-12:30, Red Hawk Golf Club, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program: Installation of Officers and Holiday celebration. $30/member, $35/non-members and walk-ins. RSVP: and pay in advance.
*       Sat, Dec 12, 11:00am, West parking lot @ Sparks Nugget. We the People Christmas Parade. Join in with your flags, signs, Christmas decorations and apparel! The Gov might have cancelled the Christmas Parade, but we didn’t!
*       Tue, Dec 15, 5:30pm, Coney Island, 2644 Prater Way, Washoe County Republican Assembly (WCRA) Christmas Party. $20 include Lasagna & Salad, tax and gratuity. No-host bar.  RSVP:  Jim Benthin, 775-830-2619.
*       Wed, Dec 16, 5:00 social hour, 6:00 dinner, Paisan’s Old World Deli, 6550 Longley, Mt Rose Republican Women (MRRW). Program: Bring a new or gently used gift item for the club to sell and get a 30-60-second “commercial” about yourself, your business, your hobby. $35/member, $40/guests and walk-ins. RSVP to Nikki Young, 530-448-1978.
*       Wed, Dec 23,     No CTL due to Holiday.  Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!
*      Wed, Jan 13, 10:45 to dine/11:30-1:00, Paisan’s Old World Deli, 6550 Longley, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.                                                     *      Thur, Jan 14, Red Hawk Golf Club, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program: John Ackerman on Home Defense & Security and Nick VanderPoel on the Election Results. $25/members; $30/non-members; $35/walk-ins or late reservations. RSVP by 1/7, 4pm,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *      Wed, Jan 27, 10:45 to dine/11:30-1:00, Paisan’s Old World Deli, 6550 Longley, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.
Pledge of Allegiance

1) It has been asked of me if I know the BEST way to donate to the David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler Senate campaigns in Georgia. Both are facing a run-off in Georgia because their elections were stolen from them in the same fraud wave that stole the election from Trump. We need both Republican seats in the Senate going forward, no matter who is President. Please contribute anything you can.  You cannot go wrong by giving directly to the candidates’ website, clicking on DONATE or CONTRIBUTE button, with no middle men.  Here are the direct websites to both:

David Perdue –
Kelly Loeffler –

2) Bruce Parks – the initiative petition to Recall Sisolak has failed to get the required 245K signatures by Dec. 3.  But Battleborn Patriots carries on.  Please join (all volunteer) and get updates on what you can do next: is the website to sign up.

Texas Lawsuit – against PA, MI, WI, GA for changing the election laws of their states at the last minute. NV is not included because our Legislature passed AB4, the legislation that changed election law in the 2nd Special Session this past summer.  The Legislatures in states are the only bodies that can pass laws regarding elections in their states. In those other states, either their State Constitution specifically prohibit mail-in ballots or the Governor unilaterally decided on mail-ins.

Supremes agree to take the TX lawsuit!!!  This is huge. Because it is at a state level, there is no need for the lower courts and it can go directly to SCOTUS.

The American Report – I failed to note who told us to go to the American Report and read REAL news, not fake news and read about “Hammer” and “Scorecard”.

Bill Tarbell – suggested the October, 2020 edition of Imprimis, the publication of Hillsdale College and read it about COVID.

Monty Leveaux brought me 3 places to get good info on COVID. IVERMECTIN, a very effective drug against COVID has come to light and this video on youtube with Dr. Pierre Kory testifying about his work with drug and COVID patients.

Another video about IVERMECTIN is here:

Renowned virologist Sucharit Bhakdi warns against hastily created gene.  This interview is all in German with subtitles. But the transcript is easier to read and it is below the video.

Christina Sherbrook – suggested a website, X22 Report, which has great reporting via audio podcasts and is not fake news:

Mark Leonard – suggested Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s Front Sight blog of Dec. 8:  Scroll down to Daniel McCarthy’s video about the AZ Legislature agreeing to making their Electors select Trump.

Michigan Election – Dr. Linda Lee Tarver articulately testifies before the Oversight Committee at her State Legislature about irregularities in her state election.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BRINGING YOUR WONDERFUL SUGGESTIONS FOR OUR VIEWING & LISTENING PLEASURE.  Lots to digest here, but we have a full month before we meet again.

Videos – We watched 2 Simon Parkes’ videos, which give a hint a hope from a Brit who seemed to be well-connected and has great intel.  Start with 29 November (18 min) and watch the balance in chronological order. He also talks about Connecting Consciousness, which is free to join, but Simon does ask for donations, but that is not the focus of his videos or his conversation. If you like what he has to say – and Simon has intel like no other – bookmark his site and go back often. There are updates every few days.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, January 13, 10:45am for food, 11:30 meeting. Paisan’s Old World Deli, 6550 Longley.

I wish you a joyous Holiday Season surrounded by
good scents in the kitchen,
the melodic sounds of seasonal music,
visual delights,
and the warmth & love of family and friends.


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