Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) – Feb 23, 2022 – SUMMARY

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Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) SUMMARY                                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 11:30-1:30pm                                                                                                                                                                                              King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Reno

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Mike Clark – told us a little about yesterday’s Commission meeting. Jeanne Herman is not a racist, as she was accused by the media and some of the leftist speakers. Jeanne was instrumental in getting Eric Brown seated as County Manager.  Yesterday a gal named Megan Archibalt spoke who was very abusive to Jeanne and kept saying Blacks were disencfranchised and the Black guy sitting right behind Mike kept saying “You’re not speaking for me” and he was flipped off with double middle fingers by Megan. How ironic to have a Black man abused by a Dem, when they accuse us of doing the same. They’re all corrupt and Mike doesn’t want to be anywhere near this bunch in the next election. With the exception of Jeanne Herman, they all deserve the boot.

Robert Beadles – the Left uses the media to convince everyone that the world thinks like they do. When they try to refute the facts they are really refuting their own data. They said Beadles and his team got the data wrong. Beadles pulled the voter rolls from Dec 2021 and again on Valentine’s Day 2022 and 40K names had been removed. But they added 11,000 new voters. In 2020, 252,563 votes were cast with 212,126 voters. 40K+ more votes than voters. A similar thing happened in 2018 (77K more votes than voters) and in 2016 (126K more votes than voters) and in 2012, 134K more votes than voters. This is data from their own voter rolls.

Who donates to the RGJ?  They print only what the donors want, so it is skewed from the get-go.

There is a Resolution pertaining to what we wanted to see with regard to election integrity that was submitted by Jeanne Herman last week to Eric Brown.  They verbiage was changed to deliberately violate the Open Meeting Law (OML), but they put it on the agenda and at the 11th hour, pulled it from the agenda because it violated OML.  Eric Brown took the fall for it.  But was it Eric?  A copy of the Resolution that was submitted by Jeanne is attached hereto.

Bonds are afforded to sitting County officials and paid for by taxpayers. A lawsuit cannot even attach the bonds to make them not bondable. It’s a quagmire.

ERIC – Electronic Registration Information Center – 31 states are using it, including NV. Tom Fitton has proved that no state with ERIC has cleansed their voter rolls for years. Just in 25 months, how do we have 181,000 new voters?

Deb Hudgens & Donald Fossum – Reno Republican Women (RWR) is holding an Election Integrity Workshop, Fri 2/25, 8:00-10:00am, Paisan’s. CNN showed up last time. Two people will be there from the Registrar of Voters office. $19 includes breakfast.

Also candidate for Secretary of State Jim Marchant will be at the workshop. Marchant has become somewhat of a national figure as a fighter for election integrity. Donald Fossum told us Marchant was on Steve Bannon’s “WarRoom” recently because Bannon put him on a mission to put on Secretaries of State from all the states on the air to discuss election integrity.

Joe Morabito – our schools in this state and country are filled with communist and socialist agendas. Almost all schools in Washoe county rate well below the Great Schools rating and that makes our real estate not as valuable as it could be. If we’re going to take back our country, it has to start with our kids and our schools. Critical Race Theory (CRT) – social justice, equity, diversity – is a Marxist, racist theory if you’re white you’re privileged and bad. If you’re black, you are oppressed. While not a homophobe, Joe sees they’re pushing the LGTBQ (gay) agenda. They’re teaching a “gay orientation” at a very early age. For many years, we have looked the other way and we cannot continue to do that.  Joe has been pushing them for more than 6 months to put math and reading on the top of the curriculum to improve test scores.  They won’t do it.

Joe has made it clear to the company that has been hired to lead a search committee for a new superintendent, that if another superintendent is chosen who prefers CRT and LGBTQ agendas over reading, writing and arithmetic, they will be fired as quickly as they are hired. We must take back our public schools.

Robert Beadles – has led the charge on filing a petition to RECALL ANGIE TAYLOR and replace her with BEV STENEHJEM. We need a minimum of 11K signatures by the end of March of only people who live in District E (Verdi, Somersett, all the way to UNR) and voted in the 2020 election.  A copy of the petition and signature pages for both the Recall and the Replacement are attached here. ACTION ITEM: If you qualify by living in District E and voting in 2020, please consider printing the petition and carrying it around for a few of your neighbors to sign it. Bev Stenehjem is a Conservative activist with a great head on her shoulders and would be a welcome change on the Board of Trustees for the School District.

Sue Kozak – wanted to point out that John Eppolito has been working for us for over a decade, fighting for school issues, beginning with International Baccalaureate in 2011. John stood and said he was grateful to see so much energy and interaction from so many these days. He’s still very worried about the long-term implications of data collection of the students’ most personal data, where is it going and is it ending up on the dark web or in foreign hands.

Kenji Otto – running for County Clerk. Has 20 yrs military experience, many million dollar budgets, handling Pacific and US medical equipment and supplies. Kenji also took care of thousands of sensitive medical records, from generals to rank & file. He was asked to go into units and clean them up. He would study the budgets and fix what was needed to improve and raised the scores of those units. Wide background and reviewing businesses and offices. Retired as a Medical Supervisor and is proudest of saving taxpayer money, reducing waste. He turned $25K for 5 computers into several more state-of-the-art computers and peripheral aids. Yes he spent $25K, but got much more bang for the buck than what was previously proposed. At County Commission meetings, speakers should be able to ask for the overhead and have it be properly centered. He’s an analyst by nature. The County Clerk signs off on election certification in the County, but only in “receipt” capacity; no dissent or objection is allowed.

Tom Heck – candidate for Governor.  Tom had to leave early, so please go to his website and see his qualifications, how he is not only not a career politician, but not your typical candidate. Read what he will do for us as Governor.

Valerie White – a group of Moms watching the Health District and seeking health freedom, parental freedom, vaccination freedom. Please go to  On March 4, 9:00am, there will be a Zoom informational presentation about the State Board of Health creating a regional rural counties’ health district, which all seems to be HIV-related. Health Freedom Nevada. They are trying to take over our health and welfare into their hands and this is just the first step before they take over the state.  Within this link, there is the Zoom link, as well as an email address to send your comments. ACTION ITEM:  Please take the time to sit in on the call or write. Just because this is in the rural counties right now, it’s just a matter of time before they bring it to our County.

Commissioner Jeanne Herman –   Her Resolution is attached. They changed the wording and called it an Open Meeting Law (OML) violation.  It’s a political year and the fight has begun! Don’t worry; it’s just part of the show. You are the most important people, you are the power. She has been promised the Resolution will be on the agenda at some point in the future. In redistricting, her district was reduced a little in population, but she gained more land mass.

Penny Brock – Legislative Commission is deciding on regulations to flesh out AB321 to make it even more restrictive and easier to vote (email voting, felons can vote, just to name a few). There are 12 members of the Legislative Commission, 6 Dems and 6 Repubs.  If we can hold all 6 Repubs, this Resolution will fail, as a tie loses. There have been many Zoom calls with many hours of public testimony, mostly against these regulations. Agenda:

Members of the Leg. Commission:  ACTION ITEM: Write (bcc) them all, both Dems and Repubs:,,,,,,,,,,,

King Buffet – after the meeting, the manager of King Buffet sat down with me to explain the price of meat has quadrupled in the last 3 months; fish has tripled. His supplies, Cisco, has let him know the rates will go up again in April. His employees are not satisfied with $15/hr and so on and so forth. He is sorry to have to raise us to $21 for the full buffet, beverage, tax and tip.  And $4 for just a beverage.  I told him more people would be buying just a beverage and he knows, but it cannot be avoided. We will not be affected by a price change in April.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Same time, same place, $21/buffet; $4/beverage only.

Carole Fineberg

“Patriots are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government of the United States.


Patriots are Counter-Revolutionaries trying to prevent the government from overthrowing the Constitution.

~ Thomas Jefferson


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