Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) – Wed, August 11, 2021 – SUMMARY

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Conservative Talk Lunch SUMMARY

August 11, 2021

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide a forum to educate and to inform about various current local, state and national political issues; to provide a forum for candidates running for office to inform and educate about their platform; to provide a forum for attendees to discuss and make informed decisions that promote the Conservative cause and citizen participation in government. 

Mark Your Calendars

Daily & Weekly
*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell Show, with Ross Mitchell and Ryan, also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG.  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) Dan Mason Show. Also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG.  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 noon, 99.1 FM (KKFT), Monica Jaye Show. Call in 775-884-9910.
*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link, 1NEVADAPATRIOT@GMAIL.COM.
*    Every Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm, CEO Business Mind on, which can be accessed online anytime. 1180 AM with Joe Morabito and re-broadcast on weekends. Follow Joe’s blog, CEOBUSINESSMIND.COM.

Coming Soon                                                                                   

*       Tue-Wed-Thur, Aug 10-11-12, Sioux Falls, SD, Cyber Symposium event with Mike Lindell exposing all the voter fraud they have. HTTPS://WWW.COMMDIGINEWS.COM/POLITICS-2/MIKE-LINDELLS-CYBER-SYMPOSIUM-SCHEDULED-FOR-AUGUST-10-11-12-138705/.  This can be found on One America News ( OR OR OR
*       Wed, Aug 11, 6:00, NV State Capitol Bldg, Carson City, Power2Parent Union Protest. “They cannot mask our children without our permission! Questions?

*       Thur, Aug 12, 11:00-1:00pm, Red Hawk Gold Club, Republican Women of Reno (RWR).  Program: School Board Trustee Jeff Church discussing goings-on with the School Board. $30/Members; $35/non-Members; $20/first time guest. Pre-paid reservations only. HTTPS://REPUBLICANWOMENOFRENO.WILDAPRICOT.ORG/EVENT-4264706/REGISTRATION

*       Thur, Aug 12, 6:00pm dinner, 6:30pm speaker, Paisan’s Old World Deli, 6550 Longley, Hayek Group. Program:  District Atty Christopher Hicks discussing programs to improve Washoe County. $35 w/reservation; $40 without reservations.

*       Fri, Aug 13, 3:00pm, Walmart, 4855 Kietzke, Medical Freedom Protest.  Please come with flags and signs!

*       Sat, Aug 14, 7:30am, Leave promptly at 8:00am, Apple Store in Summit Mall. Flag Parade to the Basque Fry.  Signs and Flags, please.
*       Sat, Aug 14, 10:00-2:00pm, Corley Ranch in Gardnerville, Basque Fry. Notable speakers (Ron DiSantis, Richard Grennell, Matt Schlapp among others), conservative/patriotic themes, traditional Basque food. $55.  HTTPS://WWW.EVENTBRITE.COM/E/6TH-ANNUAL-BASQUE-FRY-TICKETS-151578047019?AFF=MINPACEMAIL&MC_CID=F1C9BEED02&MC_EID=5E1150BE2B

*       Tue, Aug 17, 11:00am doors open, Atlantis, Republican Men’s Club (RMC). Program:  North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.  $25/member, $30/non-member. Pre-register at website,

*       Wed, Aug 18, 10:00am, Code Coffee, 300 S. Wells, Republican Women of Reno (RWR) Education Brigade meeting. If you are unhappy about Washoe County Schools, this is the place to be to get involved.
*       Fri-Sat-Sun, Aug 20-21-22, 10:00-5:00pm, 11th Annual Open Studio Tour. Come tour the studios of local artists.

*       Fri, Aug 20, 5:30-8:00pm, 875 Peace Pipe Loop, Campaign Kick-off for Monica Jaye Stabbert for State Senate 16. $100 suggested donation. Food, beverages. Donations accepted. RSVP to Cyn-Dee Webb,

*       Sun, Aug 22, 1:00pm, City Plaza BELIEVE statue, No Masks No Mas Rally. Show up with signs and flags and NO MASKS!

*       Wed, Aug 25, 11:00 to dine/11:30-1:00 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $17.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. THIS MEETING WILL BE RUN BY NICOL HERRIS. No Summary will be provided.
*       Wed, Aug 25, 5:30-8:30pm, Paisan’s Old World Deli, Mt Rose Republican Women (MRRW). Program: Military Lifer John Ackerman, “Are You Prepared?” $35/members; $40/non-members by mailing check to P.O.Box 18446, Reno, 89511 or $38/members and $43/non-members online.  HTTPS://MT-ROSE-REPUBLICAN-WOMEN.SQUARE.SITE/ 
*       Fri, Aug 27, 9:00-11:30, Paisan’ Old World Deli, Republican Women of Reno (RWR) Brigade Workshop. Program: Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner.  $11 includes breakfast. Paid RSVPs in advance only,
*       Tue, Sept 7, 5:00 Potluck / 6:00 meeting, 1301 Cordone lower level, Washoe County Republican Assembly (WCRA).
*       Wed, Sept 8, 11:00 to dine/11:30-1:00 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $17.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.

*    Wed, Sept 8, Fundraiser for Sigal Chattah, candidate for Attorney General. Watch this space for more info.
*       Sun, Sept 19, 9:00am all day, Reno Downtown City Plaza (BELIEVE statue), 10 S. Virginia, March & Rally for School Choice and against Critical Race Theory (CRT). Bounce house, animal-making balloon clown, food trucks, info booths on school choice. Organized by Nevada Families for School Choice, with support from Dr. Fred Simon.

*       Wed, Sept 22, 11:00 to dine/11:30-1:00 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $17.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.

*       Wed, Sept 22, 6:00pm, Del Real Pub & Grill, 6148 MaeAnne, Fundraiser for Capt Sam Brown for US Senate (against Catherine Cortez Masto). $150. More info to follow.

Pledge of Allegiance


Mike Lindell’s (My Pillow Guy) is have a 72-hour Cyber Symposium, Aug 10-11-12, exposing all the election fraud in EVERY state across our country. Listen at any of these places:  One America News ( OR OR
Basque Fry, Saturday, Aug 14, SOLD OUT.  Flag parade to this event, meeting at the Summit Mall Apple Store at 7:30am, leaving by 8:00am. Be part of something bigger than yourselves. Flags and signs welcome!

New Mask Mandate – Carole has personally shopped this past week, twice at Trader Joe’s, once at CVS, once at Big Lots, Joann’s, Michaels, Dollar Tree. I didn’t wear a mask, nor was I asked to wear one by anyone.


John Carey – “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.” We must fix Nevada and turn Dem seats in the Legislature and retain Repub incumbents. John would rather have RINO Rs than Dems, because the Dems are destroying our country. We must rally the troops and mobilize. Poll workers instead of Poll Watchers. The mail-in ballots legislation approved at the Legislature in 2021 were amended to allow the Secretary of State to work with Registrars of Voters to decide which machines to purchase.
In addition to supporting R candidates, we must find good candidates to run. It was stated that the County Party doesn’t always support good candidates. Candidates go in to meet the Chairman and are told they can’t win or they should try for a different office than what they’re interested in.
Alex Christopher unable to stay for the meeting, but left beautiful brochures about the 11th Annual Open Studio Tour of local artists. Alex’s wife Sue is an artist and has some artwork featured on the cover of the brochure and is also inside. The Studio Tour is Aug 20-21-22 from 10:00am-5:00pm and the brochure provides a map and a sampling of each artist’s works. Sounds like a lovely event.
Mark Leonard – helping Capt Sam Brown with fundraising by scheduling house parties and other, bigger fundraisers. One of the big fundraisers for Capt Brown is Wed, Sept 22, 6pm at Del Real Pub & Grill, 6148 MaeAnne. More info to follow.
Mark’s wife Julie, had reason to recently travel to Germany to be with her dying father. Several days after her return last Thursday, she received a letter in the mail from the Washoe County Health Dept letting her know they knew she recently traveled abroad and needs to quarantine for 10 days.  It is shocking to think airlines are sharing data with Washoe County Health Dept.
Bev Stenehjem – Co-leader of the Education Brigade within the Republican Women of Reno (RWR). At yesterday’s School Board meeting, she and her team implored 3 items to be reviewed, all of which were ignored:  1) Appoint Jeff Church  to the open VP seat or the Clerk seat on the Board; 2) No masks in schools, where 2 doctors spoke against masks; 3) In a public survey, 84% were in opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), so the team requested CRT be dropped, but the Board decided to create and appoint a Task Force to further research CRT.
There was a male student there from McQueen whose History teacher (Nicole Morrison) announced on the first day of school that she would not teach the Civil War or US History, but she would be teaching Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ agenda and if there were any gay students in the room, she would counsel them without telling their parents. The student announced he would pull himself out of school and self-educate the balance of his public education.
The next Education Brigade meeting:  Wed, Aug 18, 10:00am, Code Coffee, 300 S. Wells.
Fred Simon – Candidate for Governor.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the precursor to CRT. No matter where you are going or what issue you’re arguing, the enemy has something else in their back pocket to replace it. We need to pursue evidence-based medicine.  If they want us to wear masks, they need to show us the evidence that masks work (they don’t). There is only one vaccination – Johnson & Johnson. The others are immuno-therapy and can potentially lead to myeloma and lymphoma.  We need to unite and mobilize with Carson, Washoe and all of northern NV… then we can make a mark.
Kenji Otto – told a story about his niece who was trying to get her CCW and was blocked due to not wearing a mask, which she has a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. She called Kenji in a panic and Kenji was able to make a call to Sheriff Balaam, speak to his secretary and got permission to let her proceed without a mask. Kenji sees this as a reason to get involved. He is so active that he was able to call in a favor with the Sheriff.
When we go to the School Bd meeting to speak out, it’s also good to note that the Nevada Revised Statutes Open Meeting Law (OML) is often violated by the School Board. According to OML, when expecting a large crowd to speak out, there should be accommodations made to allow for a larger venue. When we speak at a Bd meeting, we should use that statute # to show we know what we are talking about. Kenji has those statutes and has brought them up to date with the new changes that the Legislature voted to implement. To receive a copy of that, please contact Kenji at
AMAC (Assn of Mature American Citizens) is the counter organization to liberal AARP. AMAC’s monthly publication has great articles. Here is the link to the online version of their publication.
Gary Hagstrom – in Alberta, Canada a young man was arrested for breaking the mask law. In court, the Health Dept could not prove COVID was present, so it was a mini-victory for us.
Lots Going On – Please look carefully at the Calendar (Coming Soon Section), as there is a lot going on and it happens frequently… like nearly daily with rallies and protests and meetings, sometimes more than one per day.
Next Meeting – Wed, Aug 25, same time, same place. Nicol Herris will be running the meeting due to my being out of town. I will send the meeting notification and the meeting reminder. There will not be a Summary.


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