Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) – Wed, Feb 22, 2023 – SUMMARY

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Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL)


Wed, February 22, 2023

11:30-1:00pm meeting

King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke


(The margins will stay truer if you open the full screen).


Daily & Weekly

*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell Show, with Ross Mitchell and Ryan, also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG. Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.

*    Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 PM, 780 AM (KKOH) Samantha Stone Show. Also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG.  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.

*    Monday-Friday, Monica Jaye Show. Online podcast on, available 24/7.

*    Tuesday, 12:00noon, Scheels Conference Room (upstairs), In-Person Constitution Study Group, led by Richard “Dick” Westrup, 775-747-1238 or

*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link, 1NEVADAPATRIOT@GMAIL.COM.



Coming Soon

*      Sat, Feb 25, 12:30pm, 5295 Sun Valley Blvd, Washoe Patriots meeting.

*      Fri, Feb 25, 5:00-9:00pm, Boomtown Casino, Washoe County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner and dancing. This is the County Party’s biggest fundraiser all year. Keynote speaker – Seth Keshel, nationally known podcaster. Please support your local Party. $85/pp, full tables for $1K, $1.5K and $2K. to register.

*      Tue, Feb 28, 10:00am, County Commission  Chambers, 1001 E. 9th St, Bldg A. Show up in big numbers and let the Commissioners know your thoughts on Drag Queen Story Hour. If enough people show up, our 2 Conservative Commissioners have agreed to get this item placed on a future agenda. It’s important that we show how we deeply care about this issue.

*      Fri, Mar 3, 5:30pm, Little Waldorf, 1661 N. Virginia (back room). Republican First Friday. Gather with like-minded friends.

*      Wed, Mar 8, 11:00am doors open; meeting 11:30-1:00pm, King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $21 for optional full buffet, beverage, tax and gratuity. To be on the agenda, please contact Carole Fineberg, or 805-377-2155.              *      Thur, Mar 9, doors open; Atlantis, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program: Dr Clinton Ohlers, Nat’l Director for Safe Blood, speaking on his organization’s efforts to pair blood transfusion recipients with donors who have not received the MRNA vaccines. Before 4pm, March 2: $30/members; $35/non-member; reservations after 4pm March 2 will incur a $5 surcharge and $10 surcharge for walk-ins. Reservations:

*      Fri, Mar 10, 8:30am-12:30pm; Atlantis, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program: FAIR (Federation of American Immigration Reform) Several national speakers discussing the effects of illegal immigration on NV, which leads the nation in sex trafficking. $50 Early Bird before Mar 3 (+$1.50 credit card fee), $75 after March 3 (+$1.50 credit card fee). Register at or call Cindy Sassenrath, 707-621-2009 to get mailing a check info.

*      Sat, Mar 11, 12:30pm, 5295 Sun Valley Blvd, Washoe Patriots meeting.

*      Sat, Mar 11, 6:00 No host reception; 7:00pm dinner. Casino Fandango, 3800 S. Carson St, Carson City, Carson City Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner. Keynote: US Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT). $75/pp; $125/VIP reception with Congressman Owens.

*       Wed, Mar 22, 11:00 doors open, meeting 11:30-1:00pm, King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $21 for optional buffet, beverage, tax and gratuity. To be on the agenda, please contact Carole Fineberg, or 805-377-2155.





Melody Marc – experienced a violation of Title III/American with Disabilities Act in Walmart. She is nearly blind and profoundly deaf. She is a manicurist and was working at Walmart’s salon. She reads lips and asked Walmart if she could not wear a mask when it was required, so she could communicate with the patrons. She was not only denied, but when she was refused, she was perp-walked out of Walmart and fired. She lost her job, her income, her reputation was damaged. ADA legal team has refused her case. She has called several attorneys, all of whom don’t want the case. Does anyone know an attorney who is interested in talking to her about her case? Please contact me with a name, if you know someone.


John Eppolito – talking about Washoe County School District (WCSD). At the Tuesday meeting, he spoke up about the new agreement just signed by the Board to engage a new company (Care Solace) to sell services to students (and procure data on the students in the process). In the past, the WCSD had used Edmoto, whose security was breached and student data was sold on the Dark Web. Then Edmoto was sold to the Chinese. John has no confidence that this new company (Care Solace) will be any better that the old company (Edmoto). This Board is not looking out for the kids, but only looking to give out data on the kids.


Listen and watch this clip of John’s testimony, then listen to the Superintendent’s response to John:


The “Paul” he refers to in his testimony is Paul LaMarca, Administrator of the Office of Strategies at WCSD.

Katherine “Kitchie” Snedigar – US Supreme Court recently ruled that parents have “independent enforcement over their children”. Definitions: parents should be defined as “moms” and “dads” as parents can be controlled by statutes. Statutes control businesses: LLC, partnerships, a natural person, an individual, parents. This is a huge ruling by SCOTUS. That means if they tell the kid at school that the child must do something, you, as the mom or dad are able to tell the school no, they don’t have to. Don’t call your child a child, call him “your private property” and they have no control over your private property.


All “legal residents” in this state need a driver’s license. A legal resident is somebody who comes here from another country and wants to live here legally and permanently. A natural person is defined as a business (like a sole proprietorship). Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), Section482, defines what the state of NV is. Nevada State is defined as an organization or an agency. We went from being a state to a corporation, the State of Nevada. When that happened, all public law in this state, about 1948, was abolished.


Statutes are copyrighted and can be regulated. All states are corporations (not just NV) and are operating NOT under the Constitution, but as a corporation. Washington, DC is the CEO of the separate corporate states.


Kitchie drives around without license plates and no Driver’s License (DL) and has never been stopped or ticketed for doing so. When you get a DL and apply for said DL, the legal definition means you will be working as a driver and getting paid to be a driver. If you have a license plate on your car, you are in the business of interstate commerce, moving goods and services across state lines. She also doesn’t have car insurance because she doesn’t use her car for commerce. She has a fee schedule with a self-activating contract that if they pull her over, the minute they pull her over and her clock and her fee schedule starts at $500. She isn’t bothered very darn much.


Agencies of the state can be sued because they’re persons. Candidates don’t matter. Stop being a statutory citizen because citizens are subjects. Everything she signs, she signs “by” and then her name. The “natural woman” works through the corporate mentality, the Code Enforcement, Administrative Hearing Office, etc.


NRS 432B – google this to learn all about Child Abuse and Neglect.


Lynn Chapman – Legislative Update. Janine and she have been hopping to it and reading the bills, attending the hearings that are important. The legislators are not playing y the rules. Usually we get 3 days to review the bill and prepare statements, not even doing that yet.

AB65 – ethics in government, unfunded mandate.

AB115 – safe consumption site for drugs, with gov’t oversight and staffing. That was pulled.

AB181 – CCW bill.

AB190 – has to do with landlords giving rentors/lessors voter registrations.

AB194 – Good bill going after selling drugs, bullying.

AB200 – request for regular annual sessions.


SB9 – End of course finals and doing away with letting parents know how kids are doing. That was pulled.

SB131 – horrible abortion bill. State of the art abortion clinics proposed near RNO airport and in West Wendover. Sponsor of the bill, Cannizzaro said it has nothing to with sex trafficking. Hasn’t yet been voted on and nothing has yet been done. Emails favored pro over con. Emails in favor were largely from non-profits (Planned Parenthood, Rainbow Coalition, etc).

SB109 – governing anatomical gifts (you are automatically opted in unless you say/do something).

SB129 – Lisa Krasner bill statute of limitations extended for sexual assault on children.

SB147 – dentists allowed to give vax.

SB162 – establishment of polling places in county and city jails + same day voter reg.

SB163 – gender dysphoria bill.

SB170 – sex trafficking penalties (good).

SB172 – governing the ability of a minor to consent to certain healthcare procedures.

SB391 – Sisolak vetoed a bill with this intent and this was trying to override the veto. Dental health screening to get kids in the schools, under FEMA rules, giving dentists the right to give vaccines. They got 100s of people mailing and calling in against this. And it died without debate.

Upcoming Committee hearings:

AB52, Mon, 2/27, 9am – Open Meeting Law

SB153, Tue, 2/28 – transgenders in the jails

SB 38, Thur, 3/1 – crimes against those abusing children in schools (good bill).


Lots of water rights bills. Lots of bills creating more gov’t entities (usually in the education realm). Good bill for HOAs, being able to display flags, religious artifacts, etc.


Call or write in your opinions. Opinions matter; they count. They help the Legislators see what the public sentiment is. Don’t discount your opinion!

Go to -> blue toolbar across the top, click on NELIS -> click on the top toolbar LEGISLATION -> just below that tab, see ALL BILLS & RESOLUTIONS -> type in the bill # (no space between AB or SB and the #) -> click on the bill and you will find Overview, (full) Text, and so forth -> scroll down to the very bottom, where you can leave Public Opinions and share yours.


Paul Larson – there is a new list of VA hospitals they want to close or relocate. Reno is on the list to relocate or move and they have just completed a brand new parking structure. It is now centrally located… where will they move it?  Palo Alto, which is the flagship of the entire west coast, is on the closure list.  MAID program in Canada. Organ donor program and cadaver program are booming with this news.


Donald Fossum on behalf of the Republican Men’s Club (RMC) – revitalizing RMC.  Invitations to join RMC on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Interesting meetings with pertinent info. At Tuesday’s meeting, Paul White provided the background of the 14-year old girl who was stabbed to death at North Valleys last week. John Eppolito was there talking about WCSD. At the RMC meetings, there will be a slightly new format. After the speaker(s), attendees will have an open mic session to talk about anything you think is important.


Reminders: Freedom Friday, this Friday at Boomtown, 5:30pm

WC Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, Sat, Feb 25, 5:00-9:00pm


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, March 8, same time, same place.

Carole Fineberg

“Patriots are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government of the United States.


Patriots are Counter-Revolutionaries trying to prevent the government from overthrowing the Constitution.

~ Thomas Jefferson


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