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Conservative Talk Lunch
July 28, 2021

Mark Your Calendars

Daily & Weekly
*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell Show, with Ross Mitchell and Ryan, also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) Dan Mason Show. Also live-streamed at  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.
*    Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 noon, 99.1 FM (KKFT), Monica Jaye Show. Call in 775-884-9910.
*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link,
*    Every Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm, CEO Business Mind on 1180 AM with Joe Morabito and re-broadcast on weekends. Follow Joe’s blog,
Coming Soon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                *        Thur, July 29, 2:00pm, National Auto Museum, 10 S. Lake St. Stars & Stripes event marking the 160th anniversary of Stars & Stripes. Event is free, but there is a $10 admission to get into the Museum.      *        Fri, July 30, 10:00am, Code Coffee, 300 S. Wells (SE corner of Wells & Ryland), Meet Cathy Kennedy Reyes, School Board candidate. $10 for dinner.

*        Tue, Aug 3, 9:00am, Hidden Bistro (inside European Spa), 2999 S. Virginia. Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee & Questions with Captain Sam Brown and Dr. Fred Simon, candidates for US Senate and Governor, respectively. Limited seating. Please contact Lynn Gillespie,                                                                                                                                                                     *       Tue, Aug 3, 5:00pm, Code Coffee, 300 S. Wells, Washoe County Republican Assembly (WCRA) meeting. Program:  Assemblywoman Jill Dickman, Lorenzo Trimble, Michael Jack (candidate for NV State Republican Party).
*       Thur, Aug 5. 8:00am doors open, 8:30 breakfast, 9:00 program, Atlantis, newly formed Sierra Republican Club.  Program: Some of the NV Legislators, such as Dr. Robin Titus, Minority Assembly Leader and Joe Wheeler NV GOP director, Roundtable format, discussing the 2021 NV Legislature and introducing several new candidates for 2022.  $25.  RSVP to Ray Rocha,, cell (775) 240 -1564.
*       Fri, Aug 6, 6:00pm, Famous Dave’s BBQ. 4925 Kietzke, Republican First Friday.  Free appetizers, beverages on your own for this purely social event. This month, please bring a pack of new kids to teens underwear, socks, training bras for Kids Kottage. If you cannot make this event, consider bringing your donations to the Washoe County Republican office, 3652 S. Virginia, Suite C-8.                 *       Tue-Wed-Thur, Aug 10-11-12, Sioux Falls, SD, Cyber Symposium event with Mike Lindell exposing all the voter fraud they have.
*       Wed, Aug 11, 11:00 to dine/11:30-1:00 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $17.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.
*       Thur, Aug 12, 11:00-1:00pm, Red Hawk Gold Club, Republican Women of Reno (RWR).  Program: School Board Trustee Jeff Church discussing goings-on with the School Board. $30/Members; $35/non-Members; $20/first time guest. Pre-paid reservations only.
*       Sat, Aug 14, 10:00-2:00pm, Corley Ranch in Gardnerville, Basque Fry. Notable speakers (Ron DiSantis, Richard Grennell, Matt Schlapp among others), conservative/patriotic themes, traditional Basque food. $55.
*       Wed, Aug 25, 11:00 to dine/11:30-1:00 meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $17.50 for full buffet, beverage, tax & gratuity. For more information, contact Carole Fineberg, 775-622-9811.
*       Thur, Aug 26, 5:30-8:30pm, Paisan’s Old World Deli, Mt Rose Republican Women (MRRW). Program: To Be Announced. $38/members; $43/non-members. Prepaid reservations only.

Pledge of Allegiance
*  Carole will be out of town for the Aug 25 meeting. The meeting notification and reminder will be scheduled to be sent by Carole, but there won’t be a Summary.  Nicôl Herris will run the meeting.             *     Jim Falk let us know about the Stars & Stripes event at the Auto Museum, marking the 160th years of the Stars & Stripes. It is Thursday, July 29, 2pm. The event is free, but it will cost $10 to get into the museum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *     Jim Falk also let us know that on Aug 10-11-12 in Sioux Falls, SD, Mike Lindell will be exposing all the voter fraud he has. He is so confident that he has the goods that he has offered $5M to anyone who can prove otherwise. This event will be live-streamed for 72 hours. Much of it on Newsmax.   You can also find this info at


John Eppolito – The School Board announced that Infinite Campus will be added as an agenda item at an upcoming meeting. This is huge, as John has been chasing this issue for years. Infinite Campus is a massive data base repository that most cannot get into… not principals, parents, teachers. There is a Counseling tab for Counselors that goes a little more into depth in terms of personality and discipline. That’s a problem as a school counselor was recently arrested because of child porn on his computer and he had access to the Counselor tab. No public school is safe. Even charter schools, if they are chartered/sponsored by the State, face the same Infinite Campus massive data collection. Please contact John Eppolito if you want more info on this,

Despite the Board’s denial, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught in our schools. They call it “social justice”, but it has all the markings and catch-phrases of CRT (equity, diversity, etc). John asked Superintendent Kristin McNeil to please stop dividing the community and to please dismantle the task force supposedly looking into it and do not add controversial social justice/CRT curriculum to the K-5 classes. Video:

Bruce Parks – Bruce is a candidate for School Board C, vacated by Andrew Caudill.  The #1 goal of the Communists who wish to take over our country is to take over our kids. Save our kids; save our country. It’s Marxism. School Board Trustee Diane Nicolette spoke up about this… sort of. Jeff Church addressed it, but that was it. Now the mask mandate is coming back. It is not law just because Sisolak ordered it. Do not comply; it is not law, nor is it mandated by law. Bruce was able to talk to Angie Taylor, Board President, and was able to express to her how he’d like to hold a Q&A forum with the Board and the public. Angie wanted to know what that would look like, so they are talking, which is wonderful.

There are four (4) School Board seats up in 2022:  Districts B (Minetto), C (was Caudill, now Rodriguez), D (was Thigpen, now Smith) and At-Large F (Calvert).

Mike Clark – Washoe County Assessor, running for Bob Lucey’s County Commission seat. At the end of May, Mike mailed out a 69-page dossier to over 100 officials and people, which contained nothing more court documents, emails, letters (all public records), but showed what total incompetence and corruption exists in Washoe County Government. For that, he was removed from his office for more than a month, a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) was served and they lied to a Postal manager to have that mailing interrupted, saying it contained threatening material. It was all public record, part of our history that they are trying to erase because it puts county government in a bad light. If you like a copy of the said dossier, also called “Reno Whistledown”, emailed to you, simply contact SANDRA LINARES, It reads like a seedy novel.

Cathy Kennedy Reyes – candidate for School Board B, currently held by Ellen Minetto. Cathy is a fighter with tenacity. She was a special federal agent and learned to never underestimate your adversary. A recall of Angie Taylor and others is completely do-able. Yes, it will be hard, but it’s do-able. We must put our energy into the fight – 110% – and cover every angle. Start filing violations of the Open Meeting Law, violation after violation.

Friday, July 30, 10:00am, Code Coffee, 300 S. Wells (SE corner of Wells & Ryland), come meet Cathy in person, hear and feel her energy about why she is in this fight.

Fred Simon – candidate for Governor. Fred is a trauma surgeon and restauranteur from Minden. Fred says that once he wins the Primary, he will be the relentless SOB in Sisolak’s face every day. There is a difference between patriots and citizens. He is organizing a massive rally/peaceful protest for Sunday, Sept 19, at the park across from City Hall on S. Virginia, to march around City Hall. The Socialists want to control and everything they say is with that in mind. He’ll have news media there and the focus will be going after Superintendent Kristin McNeil. He has the permit to march. Fred is all about the people. Watch this space for more info on Sept 19. Go to Fred’s website and look at the many issues on his platform.

Sandra Linares – spoke on behalf of MONICA JAYE, running for State Senate District 16. Monica is the popular conservative radio talk show host on 99.1 FM daily, 10:00-12:00noon. If you can’t get that station’s signal at your home, there is the free app – simple radio – that can help you get it on your cell phone. Monica will be hosting a fundraiser on Friday, Aug. 20 at her home – suggested donation, $100.

Tanner Durfee – speaking on behalf of CAPTAIN SAM BROWN, running for US Senate against Catherine Cortez Masto. Sam is currently in DC, meeting with important people. He will be touring the State and the itinerary will be available soon. Events coming up:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1) Tuesday, Aug 3, 9:00am, Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee & Questions at the Hidden Bistro in European Spa, just south of the Peppermill on S. Virginia, 2999 S. Virginia.                                                                     2) Wed, Aug 4, 9:30am, 55 N. “C” St in Virginia City, rally. To book a local fundraising event or house party for Sam, contact Mark Leonard,, 415-250-6343.  For any other event, contact Tanner Durfee, 530-440-8566, You are invited to visit Sam’s website,

Lynn Chapman – The US Constitution provides no avenue for government to direct its citizens (as in mask mandate). Ambassadors will be going door-to-door in Las Vegas and here soon as well. Health care professionals need any patient’s permission and consent to be doing this. You need to be strong and they need to understand that not everyone who hasn’t had the shot is being stubborn. Lynn’s husband, for example, is undergoing cancer treatment and doesn’t want the shot because his immune system is compromised.

Bill Tarbell – has written an essay on “Critical Thinking Theory”, whereby he talks about every issue (“Critical Sexual Theory”, “Critical Climate Theory”, “Critical Political Theory”, etc.) the Left labels all their pets issues “critical” because that adds urgency and implies the impact on the community must be studied and make us fearful.  But all those theories lack scientific research, observable outcomes and common sense. They claim they are out to save us from our dismal past and dangerous future.

Cindy Martinez – our County Commission warrior. The fight has broadened its reach and conversation to include the NV Gaming Control Board (NGCB), which is empowered by the Governor and we have no legislative relief at this point. On July 15, Cindy, Mark Leonard and Carole Fineberg met with County Manager Eric Brown and we learned that signature verification machines were in use in Washoe County, contrary to what any of us believed to be true. We have opened that dialogue to include an invitation to the Nevada Cares campus (homeless) in the future.

We need to empower businesses to go against the mask mandate. Carson City patriots want a massive protest and it may be prudent to join Fred Simon’s event on Sept 19 and make it massive and not limited to just Washoe. Stay tuned.

Ken Koeppe – excellent, compelling, riveting read: In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park, who escaped from North Korea at age 13 and tells her story in this page-turner.

Angel DeFazio in Las Vegas sent me this – The latest CDC admission that the PCR testing wasn’t an accurate type of test for COVID and there were millions of false positives.

Here’s what isn’t being made public: PCR instruments are not quantitative instruments. They cannot tell you how much of something is present in a given sample. Every lab scientist familiar with PCR instruments knows this. Yet they continue to go along with the global fraud of diagnosing “positive” cases via PCR testing.

If the same approach were used in breathalyzer tests for possible drunk drivers, every living person would be arrested for a DUI, since there is at least one molecule of alcohol circulating in the blood of everyone.

The entire COVID “plandemic” has been based on fraudulent PCR testing, and now the CDC is announcing it is pulling the most frequently used test, perhaps in an effort to replace the test with yet another fraudulent protocol that can be controlled by health authorities to worsen the “pandemic” on demand.

Amazingly, even the PCR technicians and analysts all know this. They are taking part in a global scheme to destroy human lives and crush global economies, and they are fully aware that the limitations of their own instruments mean diagnoses of “positive” COVID status based on PCR are meaningless.

The CDC is withdrawing this PCR method most likely because they know the test cannot withstand reasonable scientific scrutiny. They’re trying to cover their tracks and memory hole the fraudulent test that was used to drive the fake COVID plandemic in the first place. But we already know the CDC is a criminal front for the vaccine industry, and that the CDC has no scientific credibility or authority whatsoever when it comes to legitimate infectious disease testing.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 11:00 for food, 11:30-1:00pm meeting. King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke. $17.50.


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