Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) – Wed, May 8, 2024 – SUMMARY

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Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL)

Wednesday, May 8, 2024



King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke



Mark Your Calendar!!!


*    Monday-Friday, 5:00-8:00 AM, 780 AM (KKOH) The Mitchell Show, with Ross Mitchell and Ryan, also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG. Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.

*    Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 PM, 780 AM (KKOH). Also live-streamed at  HTTP://BIT.LY/14EQCG.  Battling Liberals daily.  Call in lines are 775-852-8255 or 800-564-5564.

*    Monday-Friday, Monica Jaye Show. Online podcast on, available 24/7.

*    Thursdays (for the time being), 12:00noon, Scheels Conference Room (upstairs), In-Person Constitution Study Group, led by Richard “Dick” Westrup, 775-747-1238 or

*    Wednesday, 4:00pm, Constitution Study Group. Virtually, for now. Contact Bruce Parks for the link,  1NEVADAPATRIOT@GMAIL.COM.

*    Every other Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm, Glory Cloud Coffee, 10 Greg St, Ste 22, Washoe Patriots meeting. Call Nicholas St Jon for more info, 775-237-3447.

*     Saturdays 8:30-11:00am, Coconuts Downtown, 170 S. Virginia, Nicholas St Jon teaches his plan to take back the County Commission with a legal contract. $25 includes 4 classes and access to all videos. Call Nicholas for more info, 775-237-3447.

*    Every Friday, 11:00-12:00noon, 93.7FM on your radio dial, “Conversations from the Capitol” with Tom Taber, Elizabeth Purtee, Randy Lloyd with a forum for any candidates. The hosts of this show will also often tackle the many questions surrounding Rank Choice Voting (Question 3) that will be on the November ballot.

*    Every Friday, 11:00-2:00pm, Reno Town Mall, 4001 S. Virginia, Conversations from the Capitol host(s) will be present with the Petition requiring Voter Photo ID. Stop by, ask questions and please sign the petition, if you haven’t already signed it.

*    Saturdays, 10:00-1:00pm, Spirit Filled Church, 3175 Goldy Way, Sparks. Winter Farmers’ Market. Buy local, buy fresh, participate in homesteading workshops and help create a sustainable local food system. Local community gardeners, farmers, bakers, homesteaders. For a vendor application, go to


Coming Soon

*        Thur, May 9, 10:15 doors open, Atlantis, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program:  Candidates for County Commission and School Board. $36/Members; $41/non-members; $26/first timers. After May 2, add $5 to every category. RSVP:

*        Thur, May 9, 5:00pm doors open, Boomtown, Red Move Nevada’s Candidates Debates. US Senate Candidates’ Debate and Washoe County School Board Candidates’ Debate. $35 for dinner & debate. RSVP to

*        Tue, May 14, 6:00-8:00pm, Raley’s Community Room, 1630 Robb Dr. Meet & Greet Bev Stenehjem and Alicia Woo, both candidates for School Board. Bev for District E (Somersett, Del Webb, Kings Row, UNR) and Alicia for District G (At-Large, which encompasses Somersett, Del Webb and all of west Reno from Stateline to Galena Forest). Come meet these candidates and support them, as they would represent you well. and Visit their websites to see what they stand for and how they want to hear from you as to your views on what is going on with the School Board and what needs fixing.

*        Thur, May 16 (date previously posted as May 13 is not correct), 6:30-8:30pm, Calvary Chapel. Reno & Sparks City Councils and Washoe County Commission Candidates’ Forum and Meet & Greet.

*        Sat, May 18, 11:00-3:00pm, American Legion Hall, 730 4th St, Sparks. Armed Forces Day celebration in Sparks. Ron Miranda is organizing with military vehicles, food booths, veterans to talk to, many activities for the whole family.

*        Sat, May 18, private home in Sparks, fundraiser for Tracey Hilton Thomas.

*        Tue, May 21, 4:30-6:00pm, Skipolini’s in the Summit Mall, Happy Hour with Mt Rose Republican Women (MRRW). Just a social time with fellow like-mindeds. Space is limited. RSVP to Patty Miller,

*        Wed, May 22, 11:00am doors open; meeting, 11:30-1:00pm, King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $21 for optional full buffet, beverage, tax and gratuity. To be on the agenda, please contact Carole Fineberg, or 805-377-2155.

*        Fri, May 23, 6:00pm, Sparks Florist, Pyramid Way, Sparks, Fundraiser for Tracey Hilton Thomas for County Commission 4.

*        Sat, May 25 – Fri, June 7 – EARLY VOTING at various locations

*        Thur, May 30, 6:30-8:30pm, Calvary Chapel, NV State Assembly and State Senate Candidates Forum and Meet & Greet.

*        Thur, June 6, 6:30-8:30pm, Calvary Chapel, US Senate Candidates Forum and Meet & Greet.

*      Tues, June 11 – PRIMARY ELECTION DAY

*        Wed, June 12, 11:00am doors open; meeting, 11:30-1:00pm, King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke, Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL). $21 for optional full buffet, beverage, tax and gratuity. To be on the agenda, please contact Carole Fineberg, or 805-377-2155.

*        Thur, June 13, 10:15 doors open, Atlantis, Republican Women of Reno (RWR). Program:  TBA.  $36/Members; $41/non-members; $26/first timers. After June 6, add $5 to every category. RSVP:



Donald Fossum – Donald couldn’t make the meeting today. But according to an long-time election integrity expert on Jim Marchant’s team, hold your vote until the last 3 days before the election, so it is less likely to be countered by manipulations.


Carole Fineberg, here, with a counter to holding your vote until the last 3 days. In Nevada, Early Voting ends June 7, with the election June 11. There is no voting June 8, 9 or 10. So which 3 days is being referred to?  Also, and this is bigger…. What happens when I show up late in Early Voting or on Election Day and I’m told “you have already voted.” I have very little time for recourse and for the Registrar of Voters to investigate or give me anything other than a pink provisional ballot, which may not even count.  I will be voting as early as possible so I’m not told I’ve already voted and I know my vote counts.


Caroline Smith – NFRW has a Strike Force, a nationwide project to hit as many doors as possible. She needs 100 walkers by May 31. The entire state will have folks walking doors in a single week. Nevada has been allocated mid-October for their time. If anyone has any kids or grandkids who can walk, please contact Caroline Smith, 775-813-3326 with name, address, phone # and days and time you can work.


Tracey Hilton-Thomas – candidate for Washoe County Commission 4. Incumbent Clara Andriola claims on her literature that she is the only candidate who can stand up to the Washoe County Commission Board President, Alexis Hill. Andriola voted with 2 liberal Commissioners to put Alexis Hill in the President’s seat. Her voting record has proven she is out for developers and businesses and not the residents of District 4.


May 16 – 6:30pm, Calvary Church on Edison Way – School Bd candidates Forum.

May 18 – George & Peggy Spatz are holding a fundraiser in their home for Tracey.

May 23 – 6:00pm, fundraiser at Sparks Florist, Pyramid Way, Sparks.


Janet Butcher – Next County Commission meeting in Tuesday, May 14, 10:00 am.


The Resolution against Andriola (Jan, 2024) is on the website. That, as well as the resolutions against other Republicans who have supported Democrats (Aug, 2022).


The Washoe GOP Executive Committee was elected this week. On the Exec Comm are Roger Edwards, Paul Jackson, Robert Beadles, Tom Daly, Janet Butcher, Nancy Carlson, Scott Johnston, Mark Leonard.


Sandy Masters – she has been in a meeting with Hillsdale College, who are coming to Reno to get Reno folks involved to help develop charter schools.


Lynn Chapman – Sat, May 18, 11-3 – Armed Forces Day. Ron Miranda is organizing an event in Sparks at the American Legion Hall, 730 4th St. (at Prater). Lynn will be the Poppy Chairwoman, so she will be there.


Lynn is also running for US Congress, District 2 from the American Independent Party (AIP). She has no primary election and she is not part of the two major political parties that participate in the primary. The hope as an Independent is to pull votes from non-partisans and Dems. Democrats would never vote for an R, but they read and agree with what Lynn represents although they have no idea that most AIPs are very conservative in word, thought and deed.


Janine Hansen is also running for US Senate for the same reason.


Roger Edwards – Elect Joe Rodriguez running for Ward 5 Sparks City Council to get him off the School Board. That will give us an open seat on the School Board.


Caroline Smith and Janet Butcher

  1. a)Washoe County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner was held last Friday night (May 3) in Douglas County (not Washoe County) – 200 people were in attendance. The food was phenomenal.


  1. b)At the Nevada State Republican Convention last Saturday, there was an election for the delegates to the National Convention. Caroline Smith was elected as a delegate to the Nat’l Convention and an alternate Elector.


There was a ‘slate’ of delegates that was put out before even before the list of the candidates running to be delegates by the Trump campaign.               This was very disconcerting to some people. The 1st three delegates automatically go to the National Committeeman and National

Committeewoman and the State Chair Michael McDonald.


The Platform aligns with what Washoe County put together. They wanted to   focus on education and names CRT, DEI, etc. The term “traditional             education” should have covered it. Much time was spent arguing the terms.


Wes Elliott – Chair of the Faith Coalition and working with TPAction to get church leaders to join the effort to get their parishioners to vote. A large percentage of “salt-of-the-earth” folks who worship do not vote. They need to get out and vote.


They developed a 5-question survey for candidates to see if the candidates would come speak to the Faith Coalition about their campaigns. Wes received a “nasty gram” from one Nicholas Lee who declined to take the survey, declined to appear and took issue with the concept of a faith-based group getting involved in elections.


Jackie Hager – Dr. Fred Simon is running for Congress against Amodei. Simon is a straight-shooter and truthful. He has traveled throughout the state and is well-funded. Go to Dr. Simon’s website to see his ideas and views.  Jackie has lots of yard signs for Simon. Please contact her if you want one,


Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 22, same time, same place.


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