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Pledge of Allegiance

1) Roger Edwards – reported on the first meeting of WashoeCAN, Washoe Citizens Action Network last evening. He said it was largely a request to go to meetings, speak out, carry signs, and Roger hopes it’s not too much duplication of what other groups are doing.

2) Late last week, I was listening to a morning talk show and–as is the case since his death–there’s a lot of conversation about President George H. W. Bush. Bill Bennett, who served under GHWB, was being interviewed. One of the questions that the commentator asked was “How would you compare George Herbert Walker Bush to Donald Trump?” I think Dr. Bennett’s response was brilliant when he replied, “…the world is an ever-changing place, sometimes you need Mother Theresa and sometimes you need Dirty Harry.” That sure sums it up.

Bill Tarbell – Bill wanted to talk about Vicky Maltman’s funeral, to be held on Wed, Jan. 9, 1:00 pm, at the Veterans’ Cemetery in Fernley. Afterward, there is a gathering at Gold ‘n Silver (4th St, east of Keystone), around 2:15-2:30. Please attend, remember and pay your respects to Vicky, if you are able. CTL will go on and I will attend just the celebration of life afterward.

WCRA is holding its own Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 9. Click HERE for the flyer.

Bill also wanted to tell us about an article from the October (Vol. 47, No. 10) issue of Imprimis (Hillsdale College’s monthly publication) entitled “American’s Cold Civil War by Charles Kessler. Kessler delves into why we have become separate societies, virtually 2 separate Americas and it’s because of the gradual re-interpretation of the Constitution as a “living” document, which began in the time of Woodrow Wilson, more than a century ago.
Go to for this excellent article.

John Eppolito – talked at length about an article that appeared in the RGJ entitled “‘Screen time’ Causing, Exacerbating Childhood Psychiatric Disorders” by a nurse practitioner who has practiced child/adolescent psychiatry for 19 years. The amount of time children are now expected to spend in front of their computers, tablets, cell phones “overloads the senses, fractures attention, and depletes mental reserves.” Children are being harmed by this and John believes this may now (finally) be the thing the School Board will have to sit up,
take notice, and act upon. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs limited their children’s screen time. This article is on the website in the library,

Recently the WCSD wanted to lower standards to evaluate Traci Davis, an argument spear-headed by Angie Taylor, Debra Feemster, and Traci Davis. The Trustees who stood out against it were Veronica Frenkel, Scott Kelley, and Katy Simon Holland, but it passed anyway.

Action Alert!!!!
Vin Keenan – had a meeting conflict today, but wanted us to keep making calls or emailing Amodei, Heller, and the White House, urging action and funding on the border wall in the budget. We need to give them the political spine necessary to get this done before the session ends and we lose the House to Nancy Pelosi’s gavel. Click HERE for the contact information and some suggested language. Please do this; this will be the last request from me on this issue.

Lynn Chapman – dangerous programs in schools that we should know about. According to the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice), 2900 schools in 49
states (save SD) are promoting a program that has its basis in Buddhism. It is called Behavioral Tech, InterExplore, Mind Up, or Mind Fullness. It has different bells for different activities and PA system prompts for behavioral modification.

“Time to get in touch with your inner self.” All literature and materials are printed and published by a Buddhist operation. Goldie Hawn, who is Buddhist, is likely bank-rolling a portion of this. Click HERE for more information on this Mind Up system and how it’s training our children and grandchildren to be little mind-numbed robots.

John Eppolito said Mind Up has been going on in our schools for a very long time.

Citizen Lobby Workshop Feb. 13, 1:00 pm, conducted by Janine Hansen. We discussed and decided to hold CTL at the regular time, 12:00-1:00, cut it a
little short and those who wish to stay on for the Citizen Lobbyist Workshop may do so.

Gary Duarte – has been working on a website for CTL and it’s up, running, but we’re still adding content. We want it to be a rich site, full of articles, and position statements on Data-mining, Common Core, K-12 education, taxes, property taxes, Yucca Mountain. We’ll have all sorts of articles, written by us or found in published journals, all in an effort to getting out the message to the grassroots public.

Valerie White – wanted to let us know that on Dec. 19, 10:00 am, at the downtown library meeting room, there will be a meeting for business owners in the BID (Business Improvement District) and also concerned citizens may attend. The discussion will center around the additional fee assessment proposed on those BID businesses to help PUMA (Progressive Urban Mgmt Assoc) have their ambassadors go around to let homeless folks know where to go for services. If you know any businesses in that area, please let them know or remind them about this meeting. Perhaps a coalition can be formed to fight it.

Roger Edwards – let us know about “Visioning Workshop” meetings being held in the Red Rock area to discuss development there, which will include amendments to the Master Plan. The meetings are all being held: Monday 12/17, 6:00 pm, Silver Lake Elementary, 8719 Red Baron Blvd.
Wednesday 12/19, 6:00 pm, Silver Lake Elementary, 8719 Red Baron Blvd.
Thursday, 12/20, 6:00 pm, Silver Lake Elementary, 8719 Red Baron Blvd.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 9, 2019, same time, same place

Joyous Christmas Wishes to you and yours. May 2019 be a year of good health, happiness, and a minimum of frustrations.



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