Volume VIII, No. 10

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One Article and Two Videos

1) ‘Ballot Harvesting’ – CA Dems’ Latest Election Stealing Tool (article)

EXCERPT: “The change was a small but significant one. California, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make the practice of “ballot harvesting” legal. Thus, instead of only relatives or those living in the same household being allowed to legally collect and turn in absentee ballots for voters – as was previously the law – any “third party” can do it, including activist groups, Democratic operatives, or street-corner panhandlers.”

[Thank you to Valerie W of Nevada for this one.]


2) Hurt American Workers (video, 5:13)

This is a well-done Prager U video about how the Democrats used to speak against illegal immigration, even voted for the border wall. Tucker Carlson lays it out perfectly logically about the shift and why.

[Thank you to Lynne J in California for this one.]


3) #WalkAway San Francisco Attorney Walks Away from Democrat Party (video, 5:42)

Credible San Francisco attorney talks about the straw that broke the camel’s back and why she left her life-long registration as a Democrat. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/9li01y/walkaway_san_francisco_attorney_walks_awaythe/


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